Monday, September 10, 2012

Positive Benefits of Video Games

We all have read news reports about the negative influences of video games. It is true that these games can have some bad consequences on the child's behavior but there are also a lot of positive benefits. Video games engage children in many learning activities which help children learn certain skills. Computers are an important social tool in today's modern world and children should be given enough opportunities to play with them. Some studies have also shown that video games can teach children with attention deficit disorders to modulate their brain waves associated with focusing. With proper training these children have shown to improve their social and organizational skills.
Positive Benefits for Children
  • As Educational Tool-These games are fun and exciting for children so they stimulate learning.
  • Spatial skills-Spatial skills abilities help children visualize objects in two and three dimensions.
  • Goal Setting-Goals are set in every game and they need to rehearse these goals.
  • Maths skills-They see their scores while playing and hence learn some basic maths skills.
  • Language skills-They learn how to follow directions and read certain words like 'Go','Stop','Start'.
  • Social Skills-Children can talk about their passion with their friends in school and can make new friends who share a common interest.
  • Decision-making skills
  • It teaches Strategy
  • Teaches children Computer Skills
  • It teaches Memory and Mapping
  • Multitasking
  • Quick Reasoning and Critical thinking
Caution for Parents
  • Always remember that your supervision is a must if your child is very young.
  • Children must not be allowed to play these games for a long time as it can interfere with their home-work and other daily responsibilities.
  • You must monitor the effects of these games on your child's behavior. If you don't want him to play violent games then it's okay to be a little strict.
  • Engage your child in other activities by interacting with him, reading books,sports and even watching television. This will not make him addicted to these games.
Tips for Choosing Video Games
  • Check the ratings of the game and pick the ones that is acceptable to your family.
  • Look for games that involve strategy making and activities that stimulate your child's brain.
  • Choose a game that is appropriate for your child's age.
  • Encourage group play by picking games which involve multiple players.

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  1. I was not at all in favor of video games but this post highly convinced me and made to think again. Thank you so much for discussing about all these positive benefits.
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